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So a few days ago I got my Raspberry Pi kit in the mail.  The putting it all together was a snap.  What I got it for is my idea is to run it as a home Automation server to power the WeMo lights that I got, along with the WeMo plugs I will be getting in the near futre.  What this allows me to do it turning on and off my lights and other things remotely.

The setup of the Raspberry Pi was really easy, I got OpenHAB installed and running on it fairly easily.  I still have to finish setting up OpenHAB, and then I need to do my port forwarding on my router, but that is a no brainer. Also on this same one I will be pluggin in an external HD, and then putting OpenCloud on it and use it as a NAS like server.

But now after playing with the RPi, I want to get a few more for other project ideas I ...

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Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft


Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and all-around weird tale author, H.P. Lovecraft was born on August 20th, 1890. Today marks the 125 anniversary of his birth.  Want to know more about this author please go HERE.

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War of the World: Goliath


Nice animated Steampunk movie based on the War of the Worlds.  You can also watch this on Netflix.

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